The Kew Gardens Cookbook

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Food is a unifying cultural force, but food security (feeding the world) is one of the greatest challenges we now face. By 2050, with 2 billion more people on the planet, we’ll need to find ways to feed everyone sustainably.

There are 50,000 different plant species that are edible but 90% of our food energy intake currently comes from just 15 crop plants.

Organised in six sections, covering leaves, roots and squashes, grains and pulses, fungi, herbs and spices, and fruit and nuts.

The book features over 60 delicious and unusual vegetarian recipes from celebrity contributors.

About the Author

Jenny Linford is a food writer and author of 15 books, ranging from cookery to ingredient guides. She has written for The Guardian, The Times, Time Out and the British Library's Food Stories website. Born in London, her interest in food stems from living as a child in Singapore and Italy, places where good food is important to the community, both taken for granted and relished as a great pleasure. Hugh Johnson is a food and drink photographer based in London and Italy. He has won many awards including the Fortnum & Mason Photographer of the Year, the International Color Awards and Association of Photographers Awards.