Standard Candle 420g Ocean Mist & Driftwood

  • $49.95

An aromatic sojourn, Ocean Mist & Driftwood invites you to lose yourself in the soothing embrace of the sea. As the ocean’s gentle wave serenades the shore and this scented journey unfolds, aquatic tones blend harmoniously with the green accents of Petit Grain. With delicate heart notes of White Floral this fragrance transitions to the dry-down notes of Musky Driftwood. Here, the very essence of the sea seems captured, grounding the Ocean Mist and Driftwood experience with the comforting and long-lasting memories from holidays gone by. This is an endless summer.

Fill your home (for up to 80 hours!) with this festive scent from the original of all Palm Beach products - the 420g Standard Soy Candle. With a double wick for an even burn, hand poured, and perfect for that someone special or yourself.