On Sundays

On Sundays

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On Sundays: Long Lunches Through the Seasons is a cookbook of memorable recipes and curated menus to be shared at the end of the week, designed by acclaimed chef Dave Verheul of groundbreaking Melbourne restaurant Embla.

Sunday is the perfect day of the week for entertaining, the day when everything slows and we can spend our time meaningfully with family and friends. But what should you cook on a Sunday at the start of spring, or Sunday after a tough week? This beautifully photographed book offers 16 considered menus to suit every mood and gathering throughout the year.

Divided by the four seasons, each chapter includes a selection of self-contained recipes to inspire your perfect Sunday, from lunch on a languid summer afternoon with poached rainbow trout and artichokes, to a wintertime fireside feast complete with woodfired crispbread and condiments for your favourite cheeses. Each chapter also includes helpful tutorials on breadmaking, preserving and mushrooming.

An evocative and original guide to weekend entertaining, On Sundays hums with energy, humour and casual elegance to help you close the week in style.

About the Author

Dave Verheul is a highly acclaimed chef, who launched the celebrated Matterhorn restaurant in Wellington, New Zealand, worked in London alongside Gordon Ramsay at fine diner The Savoy Grill, and now rules Melbourne's 'wine-dining' scene, in Australia, where he co-owns the hit restaurant Embla with Christian McCabe. Verheul is also one of the leading lights in Australia's vermouth movement, producing micro-batches of 'Saison' based on pure, singular flavours.