My First Garden

  • $22.99

A beautifully illustrated children's guide to growing plants, from vegetables to wildflower meadows

This is a gardening book for kids who like to get their hands dirty, plant whatever they like, create indoor jungles and go on sneaky wildflower missions.

No matter how tiny your space, you can be a gardener. Livi Gosling has advice on creating a jungle in your bedroom using houseplants, scavenging from the recycling to create a vegetable kingdom of your own, and adding a splash of colour to grey city streets with your own wildflower seed mix. With clear step by step instructions on how to get seeds, plant them, and help them grow, and plenty of inspiration and helpful tips, this book will help you get started with your very first gardening projects.

About the Author

Livi studied illustration in Cornwall before returning to her hometown in Hertfordshire. Livi draws inspiration from travel, nature and food. When she isn't illustrating, you'll find her walking in the countryside, cooking or tending to her veg patch. After getting an allotment in 2019, she discovered a love of gardening that intensified during lockdown 2020. Her allotment was a safe haven throughout scary, uncertain times and Livi is very grateful for it. Livi has since moved on to building a kitchen garden in her new home and is passionate about gardening for wellbeing.