Blooms And Baking

Blooms And Baking

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Amy Ho, founder of the popular blog Constellation Inspiration, shows that florals aren’t just for garnishing; they add incredible depth to your desserts. Learn to make ingredients like candied rose petals, elderflower syrup, crushed violets and whole blossoms to bring out the best flavor for cakes, cookies, candies and more. Using fresh and dried flowers, readers will create unique combinations that will be sure to stand out at any party or gathering.

Delicate florals create big and unique flavor with recipes like Jasmine Flower and Honey Eclairs, Rose Pistachio Ice Cream Sandwiches, Chamomile Brown Butter Peach Cake and Lavender Mocha Cookies. There are also tutorials on how to decorate your desserts, adding simple botanical elements that reflect the flavor. For example, when making lilac cupcakes, Amy teaches you easy techniques to recreate lilac flowers in buttercream.

This book will have 60 recipes and 60 full-color photographs.

About the Author

Amy Ho is the founder of Constellation Inspiration, a baking blog where she shares her unique desserts. She has over 55K followers on Instagram and she has been featured in several publications, including Better Homes and Gardens and Country Living. She lives in Vancouver, BC.