Brunch the Sunday Way

  • $29.99

The pioneering chefs behind London's hugely popular Sunday Café share some of their most beloved recipes, so you can cook your way to the perfect weekend brunch

For the first time London's legendary champions of brunch share the recipes that have made Islington's Sunday Café a runaway success. Covering everything from quick and easy staples to fabulous feasts, and taking inspiration from a global list of ingredients, this book will take you all the way from cracking an egg to flipping pancakes and roasting pork - all with spectacularly Instagrammable results!

About the Author

Alan and Terry have been instrumental in pioneering the concept on brunch in London. They met working in a pub and bonded over a shared love of Aussie brunching culture. In 2013 they decided to make this passion a full time and quit their jobs to open Sunday in Barnsbury. Five years after opening they've built a dedicated fan base, serving up to 400 loyal customers a day and getting through a phenomenal 1500 eggs per week.