Big Mammas Italian Recipes In 30 Minutes

Big Mammas Italian Recipes In 30 Minutes

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Big Mamma is two Frenchmen and over a thousand Italians - who run a group of crazy trattorias serving authentic Italian food, with wildly popular restaurants in London, Paris and beyond.

The pages of their first 30-minute cookbook are packed full of 100 delicious recipes, as well as incredible tips, tricks and anecdotes from the Italian team to make you a forno star.

So whether you have friends arriving unexpectedly, or the famiglia descending en masse for the holidays, the Big Mamma squadra is here to help with tons of Italian recipes from Breaded 'Burratina Turner' Burrata to Hot Spaghetti All'Arrabbiata, Focaccia Alla Parmigiana to Tartufini Al Limoncello.

So relax, breathe, open some wine and turn the pages. It's time to wow your guests and delight the whole family.